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19 October 2017

❤ REAL DIRTY DUET by Meghan March Audioreview ❤


Country music's bad boy, Boone Thrasher, takes center stage in USA Today bestselling author Meghan March's brand new stand alone Real Dirty Duet! 

❤ THE FINAL FIGHT by JB Salsbury Release Week + Teaser + Review + Giveaway ❤

When life brings you the perfect person at the worst possible time…

On a weekend visit to Las Vegas to visit his brother, Marine Braeden Daniels meets a woman who challenges him in ways he can’t deny. The best part is she wants what he wants.

No strings. No feelings. Just fun.

❤ Royally Endowed by Emma Chase 4.5 star review ❤

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Logan St. James is a smoldering, sexy beast. Sure, he can be a little broody at times—but Ellie Hammond’s willing to overlook that. Because, have you seen him?? 

Sexy. As. Hell. 

And Ellie’s perky enough for both of them.

17 October 2017

❤ COME BACK TO ME by Kathy Coopmans Audiobook Blog Tour + Narrator Interview❤

Author: Kathy Coopmans

Narrators: Lacy Laurel & Logan McAllister

Length: 7 hours and 30 minutes

Publisher: Kathy Coopmans

Released: Sep. 29, 2017

Genre: Romance

14 October 2017

❤ I tried out StitchFix ❤

Have you heard of this Stitch Fix before? It's the online personal stylist who will pick out clothes and shoes for you, send them to you, and then decide what you want, pay for it, keep it, return the rest. So, I decided to test it out. 

So the first box arrived this week. I was super excited. I mean who isn't excited to get a box of goodies in the mail.  Inside was a pair of shoes, jeans, a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt and cardigan. Sounds good, right? Well, for me jeans are a hard sell. I have a body type that it seems I can never find a good fitting pair of jeans. So I was already nervous. But let's start from the bottom. 

The first thing in the box was the goodie bag of shoes. 

Super cute right? And they were really comfortable! I have wide feet, so I wasn't sure how they would feel, but the worn leather (or whatever it was) had so much give, it made them super comfortable. However, I'm not an ankle bootie type of person. I just don't know how to wear them, or style them, etc. So I moved on to the clothes. 

Striped open cardigan, gray flowy t-shirt and long sleeved floral front blouse, with the jeans . Now I've never heard of any of the brands that were mailed to me. So, I was a bit nervous. With that being said, I did try them all on. I did really like the t-shirt and cardigan together. I really loved the long sleeve shirt. For me, because of my body type, the jeans were just okay. So, the next thing you get is an envelope that has  little post cards on how you can style them, a thank you note, and the price list. 

dun dun dun....

Here we go. Now keep in mind, if you keep everything, you get a discount on them. Which is a good thing, I think . However, for me, I can't spend this kind of money on clothes or shoes. This too, is just not my thing. I could never bring myself to drop this type of money on clothes and I can't do it now either. So while I did like some of the items, I had to return them all. I logged onto the site, logged the return and used the pre-paid postage bag provided by StitchFix to say goodbye to the pretty little garments. 

Now, this obviously may not be for me. But, if you want to sign up for the monthly box to be mailed to you. It'll be like having your own little personal shopper who will drop you love boxes in the mail each month (or whatever cycle you choose), I encourage you to do it. Because, let's be really honest here ladies (or gentlement), everyone deserves to feel pretty. And sometimes, clothes make us feel pretty. 

13 October 2017

❤I tried Magnetic Lashes.... here are my thoughts. ❤

So you may have heard about this new thing called Magnetic Lashes. Well, I decided to jump in and give them a try. Now, the first set I saw was on an Instagram ad. They were about $20 for the pair. I himmed and hawed over buying these lashes. So I jumped on trusty Amazon and bought a $10 pair.

06 October 2017

❤Hurricane by Laramie Briscoe ❤ @givemebooksblog @LaramieBriscoe

Title: Hurricane
Series: Heaven Hill Generations #1
Author: Laramie Briscoe
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Kari Ayasha, Cover to Cover Designs
Release Date: October 21, 2017

❤4 star review of ENDURANCE by Georgia Cates❤

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm a doctor. Mobster. Killer.
My hands are covered in filth. I don't have the right to touch anything as clean and pure as Ellison MacAllister.

I distance myself ... always remaining obscure, composed, restrained.
Careful to never allow my eyes to linger too long.
Careful to hide my interest.
Careful to keep my burning desire buried beneath the surface.

I do it for her--suffer in silence--because it's what is best for the woman I love.
And she has no idea.

She'll be initiated as a Fellowship member soon. One of my mafia brothers will go through endurance so he'll earn the right to claim her.
Make her his wife.
Kill. Me. Slowly.

I'm running out of time. Only a month remains before she's beyond my reach forever.
I want to taste her. Share sleepless nights. Ride out her storm.
I want to give her the kind of nights she will still feel between her legs the next morning.
I want us to share the kind of passion that forms on our skin and drips down to saturate the sheets.
Between the sweat and the moans and the messy hair, I want her to know how hard she's been loved.

To have her is to taint her.
I should stay away. But I won't. I can't.
I'm a selfish bastard.
A selfish bastard in love.

***Intended for readers ages 18+ due to sexual content, adult situations, and language.


Endurance is a STANDALONE novel. It is the first spinoff of The Fellowship world introduced in The Sin Trilogy: A Necessary Sin, The Next Sin, One Last Sin.

Although Endurance may be read as a standalone, I recommend reading The Sin Trilogy first if you wish to have a full understanding of The Fellowship world. The choice is yours. (An ebook bundle set with all three books is available at a discounted price.)

Each Sin Series Standalone Novel will feature a different couple.

No cliffhanger.

*arc provided for an unbiased and honest review*

I love the sin series. I have the first 3 books in ebook and audio. and I may have just listened to it 3x. I just love this series. so the story of Jamie and Ellison, I just knew I had to read it.

I love the story of Jamie and Ellison. I may not be a fan of the month long plan, but I was curious to see how it was going to play out. How Jamie was going to handle her claiming, the brothers, and the plan? because, like Ellison, no matter how many times he explained it, I still didn't understand the need for it.

I loved getting to see Sin and Blue again. I think Sin may be one of my favorite book boyfriends ever, so Jamie had some big shoes to fill here. some big, sexy, Irish, hot mobster shoes to fill. while he may not fill them completely, he still makes a valiant effort. and holy hot damn is it steamy, sexy and oh so hot. who knew our sweet little doctor was so hot under that all.

I absolutely love Georgia's writing style and storylines. she has written one of my all time favorite series that I rave and gush about all the time. she is nothing short of a fantastic writer and has delivered ,yet again, another extraordinary book in this series. I can't wait to see what she does with Wes.

You think this book was good the first time around? Guess what, it's just as good the second time too. Yes, I've read it more than once. This series and this author, is a go-to for me.. She never fails.