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12 February 2016

❤❤Michelle's 5 star review of TRAPPED WITH THE ALPHA by Emily Minton and Julia Keith ❤❤

Trapped with the Alpha 
by Emily Minton and Julia Keith

For eight-hundred years, Isabel McKay has been trapped in her own personal prison. She is forced to watch the man she loves live his life as if she never existed. Pain, betrayal and utter despair are her constant companions as she remains locked away.

Brody Balfour has spent the last eight-hundred years trapped in his legacy. He and his wolf both long for a mate, but he is beginning to wonder if it’s a lost cause. Loneliness, treachery, and possible failure are his constant companions as he endures in his birthright. 

Finally able to leave her prison, she realizes she is trapped in her memories. She still loves Brody more than her next breath, but how can she forgive him for the things he has done? Jealousy and anger are her constant companions as she is haunted by her imprisonment. 

Finally able to fulfill his legacy after finding his mate, he realizes he is still trapped in a nightmare. He loves Izzy more than life itself, but how can he convince her of that after all of the things he has done? Denial and helplessness are his constant companions as his past and future collide.

Mature reader warning: Trapped with the Alpha is a full length erotic paranormal romance. If you don’t like over the top alpha shifters with really big d*cks, sex starved heroines that are addicted to their mates, tons of explicitly hot sex, then this is not the book for you.

I do not usually read this genre of books, but I have to admit I really enjoyed this one. I instantly fell in love with Brody. He is sweet, compassionate and sexy as hell. He and Izzy's romance is difficult but yet wonderful, they have many issues but still love each other and they have steamy steamy sex scenes. Who could ask for more in a good book?! 

 I am very excited to see how this story continues. Will be waiting patiently for the next book.

 I rate this book 5 Stars


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