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04 April 2017

❤❤ 4 star review of FIGHTING ATTRACTION by Sarah Castille ❤❤

My sweet, sexy Penny has a dark side. Just like me.

I will have her. And then I will lose her, and suffer a lifetime of regret.

Rampage. Everyone loves him. He is Redemption's top heavyweight fighter and the biggest gossip in the gym. But he isn't the teddy bear everyone thinks he is. He's hiding a dark secret-and he hates himself for it. 

Twice a week, Rampage transforms into Master Jack, a notorious dom only the most hard-core submissives will play with. How can he-a Southern gentleman, bred to respect and protect women-want to dominate them? 

But Penny Worthington wants him. Beneath her pearls, kitten heels, and prim British exterior beats a tortured heart...Master Jack is the only one who can set her free.

*arc received in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

Oh Penny Penny Penny...and Rampage, I didn't forget about you. I can't remember the last book I read where the title was so darn fitting. Rampage sure did fight his attraction to Penny whenever he could, at every chance he got , until he just couldn't fight it anymore. And when it wasn't him fighting it, it was her demons jumping in on the battle. Have you ever read a book where the two characters are just so damaged , but together they're so perfect? That was this story for me. Damage has been done, deep deep damage, pain, things you don't forget and hard to move past. But these two have. The question was, could they move past it together and heal each other? Throughout a lot of the book, I wasn't too sure I had the answer to that question. Seems like Sarah wanted to keep us on our toes when it came to whether or not these two would work their kinks out. 

I am glad that Sarah focuses this story so much on Rampage and Penny. Not only on them together as a couple, but individually what they have going on, what they are fighting. Sometimes you will read a book where it may be about the couple, but then you have so much going on with other characters, your H/h lose focus. With Fighting Attraction, we do have a lot going on, but it's so focused on these two, and they are so much a part of all the other little bits of the storyline, it's not an issue. 

We sure did have a lot going on. Rampage fighting. Penny's demons. The lawsuit. Her trying to protect him. His past. Her past. The other Redemption fighters all play a big part. Her job. Her dreams. Her ex. His play partner. And while that can seem like a lot and a little overbearing, Sarah did a great job of balancing it all out, and again, making sure our focus stays on these two.

I really liked this book. I liked how Sarah made their pasts such a huge part of who they are and the demons they fight, together and alone. I liked how Rampage made her see another side of finding release of her emotions and her cravings. I liked even more how he showed her she was everything he needed. He's such a big bad ass man, so to see those softer moments, you really get all the feels from those scenes. 

While I wasn't happy he pushed the point of therapy on her, I'm glad that it was dropped. I am glad, even though she may have needed it, Rampage didn't continue to push the issue and instead helped her heal herself and find a different out let for her needs/desires/cravings, as she did him. She fulfilled his needs too. While this may not be the scene I am in to, I did like the way that Sarah set the scenes and made it seem attractive, dirty, hot. In a book yes, real life I'd be peeing myself in fear. 

I think one of the things I loved the most was seeing Penny find her strength to go after her dream. He found his, now she was going after hers. Not only that, but they both were free to stop hiding different aspects of themselves. The freedom they found with each other was so great to read for these two who had been through so much. And the way Penny flipped the script and used Sadist in their favor, that was awesome! I love this series and was so glad to see Rampage got his happy ending.
4 star read for me

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