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26 April 2017

❤❤ MIDNIGHT TARGET by Elle Kennedy ❤❤

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Score and Midnight Revenge...

Four years ago, Cate’s entire life changed when she discovered she was the daughter of a supersoldier. But Jim Morgan’s overprotectiveness has pushed her away. These days, she’s working as a freelance photographer and living the dangerous life Jim never wanted for her.

When Cate snaps a photo linking a corrupt South American politician with the leader of a notorious drug cartel, her mercenary father leads a team to rescue her—only to get shot and critically wounded in the process.

As Morgan’s operatives rally together on a revenge mission, they’re faced with new alliances and old heartaches. Cate is forced to work with David “Ash” Ashton, the man who broke her heart two years ago, while Liam Macgregor and Sullivan Port resurface after years apart to finally try to deal with everything they’d left unsaid.

Soon it’s all-out war between the cartel and the mercenaries—with two couples caught in the middle of the blood feud. Love and redemption are within their reach...but first they have to make it home alive..

*arc provided for an honest and unbiased review*

I have never read this series before. So when given the choice to delve into a new series, I definitely didn't turn it down, it sounded amazing. I have to tell you..... it was FABULOUS! ADDICTING! I couldn't put it down! Well, I had to when life got in the way, but I surely didn't want to! OMG it was nonstop! Nonstop action. Non stop steam. Nonstop everything............

Front to back. Front to back. The whole book was nonstop, keeping you on the edge of your seat either with the angst between Cate and Ash, Morgan, or the drama with Rivera. And don't even get me started on Sully and Liam. Oh...em....geee.... Sully and Liam... Hunter. Just.. so much happened in this book. SO MUCH. I'm trying to tell you without giving it all away and it's so dang hard because i want to scream from the roof top how good it was ..and., and... and.... this happened.. and this happened... and THIS HAPPENED! oh god.

You want to pick this up. If you haven't read the other books in the series, you'll need to. While I have not read them all, I felt like I was missing out on so much of the other characters stories because of that. DId I know who they were with just reading one? Yes. But would the other books have helped immensely? yes. Actually, I think it would have made this book so much better.

I loved the writing style, the character development, how she made Ash get his head out of his @$$, how she gave Cate the backbone to be the one to end it all, the angst - which I usually don't like. I just.. have so much that I loved about this book. This is highly recommended.

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