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08 March 2017


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A tragic past threatens to destroy a passionate future in this dangerously sexy new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Wicked for You.

After a violent tragedy nearly destroyed her, Lily Taylor ran away, changed her name, and started over. When her deadly nemesis resurfaces to eliminate his loose end, she turns to the last man she should trust—a stranger with a history of violence and an intoxicating sexuality she can’t refuse…
Though strong-armed into locating Lily to help put away a drug lord, ex-con Stone Sutter isn’t anyone’s snitch. When he finds the terrified beauty, he vows to keep her safe—but he isn’t sure he has the strength to shield her from his own desires.
As an unquenchable fire sparks between them, Lily’s tormentor stalks ever closer, and she must overcome her darkest fear to survive. Can she trust the bond she and Stone have formed as they’re falling in deeper?

*arc provided by the publisher for an honest review*

if you're a fan of this series, you knew Misty/Sweet Pea must've had a messed up life with how she reacts to people. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that Shayla Black would give her that messed up of a past. She's witnessed and been through things that would give even the strongest male nightmares and heart break.

but yet, when you bring Stone and Lilly/Misty/Sweet Pea together , ulterior motives or not, she blossoms for him. He's the one she's been needing. He was the key to her getting out from under the trap her mind and past had her under. and while they're falling in love and she's healing , her past is out to find her and hot on her tail. but... things just aren't what they seem. Then in comes Axel to ruin, I meant save, the day. only you don't save it Axel, and I wanted to take a paddle to your behind. I found myself getting slightly irritated with these people. Why does everyone meddle in this poor girl's life? Well, I know why. But ...ahem , Axel.... couldn't and didn't even wait to see what she was like with Stone. He just got all conclusion jumpy.

I love how Shayla gives us such strong Doms, and they're so open emotionally with their women. we get to see that soft vulnerable side to them. it's addicting. much like the series they are all from. I'm so surprised with the wrench Shayla threw in on this one, but so glad with how she had Lilly react. no more broken girl for her!

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