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17 May 2017

❤❤ BEAST by A Zavarelli Release Blitz + 4.5 star review ❤❤

Beast by A. Zavarelli 

Genre: Dark Romance 
Series: Twisted Ever After #1 
A standalone with HEA

Once upon a time, I believed in fairytales.
But then he took me.

And he taught me that life isn’t a fairytale.

He is scarred. Broken.
A dark and wild thing.

His beauty is violent and his words are cruel.
His heart is a shadowed landscape where nothing can grow.
He tells me he could never care for me, and he proves it every day.

He’s destroyed my life.
Tortured me.
And worse…
He’s trained me to beg for his affection.

This prison is a place where sunlight doesn’t reach.
He taught me that hate is born in darkness.
And then he taught me that sometimes love is too.

*arc provided for an honest and unbiased review*

okay let's start this off with a little warning. if you need trigger warnings, this book IS NOT FOR YOU. it's a dark book, and titled so for a reason. so don't pick it up , then get all pissy that it hit your triggers. there's warnings in the beginning of the book for a GOOD REASON, heed those warnings. there's a reason the author put them there. which leads me to the book itself...

when A Zavarelli tells you this is dark, she's not shitting you. I think by the time this is over, you may actually be afraid of the dark, opening windows, maybe even blindfolds. talk about a twisted tale on top of all of that. the curve ball that A throws us when it comes to Javi is so completely unexpected. especially because it has to do with someone that meant so much to him. I think that may have been my only wish by the time the book ended- what happened. but one thing you may not have noticed is that up top there it says Twisted Tale #1- so... in that next book, maybe we see what happens in the dessert.

when the book starts, all you can feel is sadness for Isabella. she suffered a loss, is being controlled and doing something she hates but used to love. ultimately she's lost something that meant so much to her, and someone too. all which soon is used against her. her vulnerabilities, all used against her. her thoughts, everything. everything that defined her and made her who she is , is used against her in the worst ways. and as this twisted tale goes on you see that maybe things weren't as perfect with Daddy dearest as you thought. you find out that she isn't so black and white either, Javi finds out she's not so black and white. that maybe, she's kinda dark just like him. and neither of them know what to do with that. but we find that as we're supposed to hate Javi for what he's doing , you also can't help but kind of feel bad for the guy and what he's endured and by whom. .and you can't help but know that the truth of that will change things. and as this... situation continues, the relationship between them starts to change, it's never smooth, always up and down, and Isa is on pins and needs a lot of times just like we as the readers are. which Javi will she get this time. I think the worst part is finding out who was pulling his strings the whole time. Javi wasn't as in control of the situation and himself as he thought. I struggled with Javi. I wanted to not like him for the things he did, the things he said, how he treated her, her punishments, but... I found that I couldn't. it's dark and depraved, and at times , sexy as hell. as Isa starts to feel that way too. she starts to want to be the songbird. she is the songbird.

while this is supposed to be a dark tale and I'm not supposed to find this sexy and appealing, I did. I think that A did a great job of writing a dark romance but letting us see why Javi was so dark and letting us fall in love with him. she walked that line of dark and forbidden and sexy and dark, pushing our boundaries a little, but then reeling us back in when the truths start to come out. letting us see the lighter side of the monster. I think this was a great book. dark and sinister balanced with emotional and sexy. I'm definitely interested to see where she takes us in book two. It'll be interesting to see how Javi and River get along going forward ... and how Javi will handle the future
~~Wanna see why I loved it? Check out some of the lines from the book I loved (taken from different sections within the book)!!~~
And finally, the beauty is broken.
Beautiful things were meant to be broken.
He's going to ruin me. Destroy me. Physically and mentally. I know this. And yet I beg him for it, even as he shoves me to my knees before him.
I am in love with my captor. He is my tormentor. My greatest source of pain and fear. But somehow, he has also become my sanctuary. My whole world. 
Javi is the poison I drink so willingly because nothing else has ever tasted so sweet. He is everything. The light and the dark. The solace and the pain. The torment and the peace. And I can't imagine not having him here with me. I can't even consider it.


A. Zavarelli is a romance book junkie, cat lover, and traveler when plagued by intense cases of wanderlust. She likes all things chocolate, books that come with warnings, and pretty much any kind of characters that are dark and gritty. You can find more about her on her website.


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