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14 May 2015

❤❤ 5 star review of Bad Blood by Amity Cross ❤❤

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A killer without a master.
A monster without a leash.

Xavier “X” Blood is a contract killer. Cold, calculating, devoid of feeling.
He knows the best way to drive the life from another human beings eyes, but what he doesn’t bargain on is wanting to save a life he’s meant to take.

Mercy Reid was good at running from her demons. That was until she met X and her life was thrown into chaos.
Mercy finally has him on her side…and in her bed, but it’s at a cost far greater than she could’ve anticipated.

On the run, they must learn to trust one another beyond their burgeoning love if they want to get through the coming chaos. Revenge, truth, lies...heartache...insanity. All of it threatening to drive them apart.
Mercy will do whatever it takes to avenge the horror that Sykes put her through. Anything. Even if she has to drown the last of her soul in the bad blood that threatens to destroy the last thing she holds dearest in her heart.

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This book picked up exactly where book one left off. And I was concerned, could Amity deliver a sequel that would measure up to book one and my love for X? Why yes, yes she can. She can exceed it. 

Amity has delivered a sequel that brings our characters even closer, but yet lets them grow individually. She's managed to let X break down a little and make Mercy stronger. So our characters have met in the middle of sorts. X is still trying to figure out his memory and debunk his training while Mercy is soaking up everything he is teaching her. And by the end, she is badass. 

Amity has also upped the hot factor. While X and Mercy get closer, they get steamier. He opens up to her and it's almost like he can't survive without what she does to him, she clears the fog from his brain. She grounds him from the darkness and he takes her higher. But when they're getting freaky, they burn up the room. It's so hot. 

Amity has done a great job of writing a badass, hot, steamy, twisted sequel. I absolutely loved it from start to end. Can't wait to see what happens next! 

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