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01 May 2015

♥♥♥Release and Five Star Review for My Remedy by Stacey Wallace Benefiel♥♥♥


After many failed attempts at rehab, Izzy Sundall moves to Oregon from Idaho to live with her aunt and uncle and work at their dog kennel. Fed up with disappointing her family, Izzy vows to never take another drink or sleep with another guy who doesn't value her. Well, she vows to try.

When she meets Duncan Fieri - clean cut CrossFit God and former dog handler with the military police - Izzy is sure a guy like him won't look twice at a girl like her. But he does, because Duncan has been where Izzy's at and he thinks they can help each other navigate the tricky landscape of being an addict and falling in love.

That is, until Izzy has what Duncan considers a misstep - one that he may not be able to get over. One that he may not be able to fix.

Only then does Izzy realize, she's had the power to fix herself all along.


Magan's Review

If our love is a tragedy...

One of my favorite books of all time is Crossing.

This book topped that.

It opens with the thing we all want "to be kissed like scene out of a Nicholas Sparks novel". Though that rarely happens to any of us and it definitely didn't happen to Izzy.

Of course not much has gone right for the twenty-year-old recovering alcoholic. She's had to move from Boise to Oregon with her aunt and uncle.

In most books of the New Adult genre we find the heroine meets the hero and instantly they fall in love, something stupid breaks them apart and then they fall in love again. Stacey doesn't do normal New Adult.

This is one that will tug at your heart strings and keep you reading. You wont be able to predict anything that takes place and see that sometimes you don't need a person to be a remedy, but everything about them and the way they make you a better person is the best remedy.

Five Cross-fit Stars.  

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