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25 May 2015

❤❤ Review Of Out of Centerfield By: L.Mertz ❤❤

Being the granddaughter of a baseball legend has it’s perks. Getting to go to a baseball game anytime she wants with her best friend, Kelsey Smyth is living the life. Finally finishing up her college degree she now has more time to watch her favorite pastime.
Moving from a small town in Texas to a big city like Washington, DC is a major change for centerfield phenomenon Johnathan Myers. He was handpicked by the owner of the Washington Warriors which has put a target on his back adding pressure to perform.
Kelsey and Johnathan meet, with help from a meddling older man. Quickly becoming the IT couple in town has put added pressure on both parties. When her grandfather’s health goes bad, Kelsey must step in as an owner for the ball club. Pressure from family and fans, to make the right decisions regarding the ball club and each other make or break the couple. When secrets come out, trust gets tested. Can Kelsey and Johnathan have their love for each other and the team or will they have to lose one to keep the other?

Out of centerfield was a sweet heart felt book about overcoming obstacles and being able to fall in love at the same time.
Kelsey and Jonathan show us that love will prevail if you want something bad enough even when you are pushing that person away and think you're doing what is best for them, they will still be there by your side when you need them most.
I loved this book and how  Kelsey   showed us all that in a world that is dominated by all men that a strong willed and determined woman can run a baseball club just like any other man would.
These two characters are so sweet and heartfelt. The love with all they have in them even when life keeps getting in the way.


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