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25 September 2015

❤❤4.5 star review of BENEATH THESE CHAINS by Meghan March ❤❤

Dee's rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I was raised on the streets, so I know things are rarely as simple as they appear—especially this rich girl showing up at my pawnshop demanding a job.

She’s the most tempting thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ll be damned if I can make her leave.

Shit just got complicated … but when it comes to her—I want complicated.

We’re both fighting our own demons, and our only chance at a future is to let go of the past.

But will we be strong enough to break free from beneath these chains?

I've never read Meghan March before and now I'm sitting here wondering why not. I loved Lord and Elle. Elle was so sassy and there is nothing more I love than a strong, sassy leading lady. Lord is all alpha male...

 hard on the outside and soft for his woman- when she needs it. I loved the way the story unfolded. I loved how Meghan took a character we knew meant so much to our leading man, and lady, and found a way to twist him around. She also took someone we hated and almost made them redeem themselves by the end. She managed to take many broken characters and find a way to get them on the right path, individually and in relationships as well.

The way this story was written was smooth and addicting. It sucked me in from the moment Elle walked into chains. I just knew there was no going back, no putting this down until the end. I really think I may start reading more from this author!

This was definitely a 4.5 star read 


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