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02 September 2015

❤❤ Heather's 5 star review of Between Love and Lies by Jacqui Nelson ❤❤

In a town ruled by sin, will he earn her love or her lies? 

Dodge City, Kansas – 1877

Sadie Sullivan lost everything when a herd of longhorn cattle bound for Dodge City trampled and destroyed her farm. Now she works in Dodge—one of the most wicked and lawless towns in the West—at the Northern Star saloon. But her survival in this new world of sin and violence depends on maintaining a secret so deadly it could end her life before the town of Dodge can.

The one man capable of unraveling all of Sadie's secrets is Noah Ballantyne, the Texan rancher whose herd destroyed her home. Back in town and taking up the role of deputy alongside legendary lawman Bat Masterson, Noah vows he won't leave until he's made things right. But with the saloon’s madam unwilling to release Sadie and a rich cattle baron wanting her as well, the odds aren’t in favor of finding love...or leaving town alive.

Heather's Review

The chemistry in this book sizzles from the very first pages. The characters come to life with vibrant color and intensity that makes this book impossible to put down. 

When Noah Ballantyne's longhorns stampede out of control, he never estimates the damage and devastation they will leave behind - wrecking small farms and leaving their owners penniless and destitute. Trying to do the right thing, Noah leaves money in his wake, but can't shake the feeling that he owes something more. Desperate to find the stalwart red-headed beauty that both threatened him with her gun and broke his heart with her tears, Noah heads back to the land he destroyed searching for the girl that haunts his dreams.

What he finds is far worse then he thought possible. The beautiful vibrant girl he's left behind has become a lady of the night. Sick and pale, but signing with a voice of an angel to the men that come to gamble and satisfy their lust, Noah spots the beautiful Sadie on stage showing off for the paying customers. The sight nearly destroys Noah's soul. He must right this wrong he's caused. He won't leave Dodge until he's ensured that he's done something to help Sadie. Something to make up at least a little bit for all the pain he's caused.

Sadie's hardened her heart to the world. After she's been sold and betrayed by those who were meant to protect her, she has nothing left but her wit and a promise to a friend long gone that she will fulfill his dying wish. Although weak and backed into a corner, Sadie won't leave Dodge until her promise is fulfilled. She will retrieve Edward's missing possessions and avenge his death if it is the last thing she does, and it may very well be. When she spots a familiar face walk into the saloon, she can hardly breath. It's the face of the man who took everything from her. A face she never thought she'd see again. A face that left her in the dust and never looked back. Now he is back triggering too many emotions for her to even begin to contemplate.

The only hope Noah has to help Sadie is to earn her trust, but for a woman who's been betrayed before she values her secrets more than she values her life. Sadie's worked so hard towards avenging her friend that she can't let anything come in the way of her carefully laid out plan. Not even a handsome cowboy who beguiles her with his every move and smile. Sadie understands that her plans may cost her her life, but she never counts on her heart being on the line. Noah comes with a plan to make amends and head back to Texas, but his plan may cost him his life. Someone wants Sadie silenced. Permanently. In order to help her, Noah will be gambling much more than he could have ever thought possible, but what he stands to gain will be much more than he ever could have dreamed.

The romance between Noah and Sadie is electrifying. It blazes with an intensity that will leave the reader spellbound. The characters are well developed and memorable. The plot is exciting with twists and a brilliant mix of suspense and action. For readers of romance, westerns, or just good novels in general, Between Love and Lies is a must read. It's a keep on your favorite-book-shelf shelf type of book. It's the kind of book where you can't read it fast enough to know what happens while simultaneously never wanting it to end.

A definite 5 star read

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