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30 April 2015

❤❤4 star reviews of Lane One: Seduction and Lane One : Obsession byJustine Elvira ❤❤

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*Book three in the Lane One serial



Two things Theo has always avoided... until now.

After an amazing night together, Theo finally has what he's wanted for the past year–Cassie. She's in his bed and he doesn't plan on changing that. 

But Theo's never been in a relationship, the rules are new to him. He's impulsive, passionate, and consumed with Cassie. With their pasts and inexperience in relationships, they should be taking their new relationship slow.

But breaking the rules is what Theo does best and slow isn't going to work with him.

Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! Justine has thrown so many curves at us in this volume of the serial. Curves at them as a couple, and individually. But but!! Now we know a little of the how, the question we were left holding at the end of volume two. But .... Come on!!! How can she leave us hanging like this????

Theo has come SUCH a huge long way! He's so different now and i absolutely love it. And Cassie is as well! They've grown so close and the bond is strong.

I still can't get over everything Justine threw at us right before ending. The. Book. Totally keeping me on the edge of my seat. Or fanning my face. Those were the two things I did most when reading this book. Whew. Hot stuff. 

4 stars from me!


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Desire... Lust... Envy...

Theo has finally got Cassie where he wants her. She has agreed to go out with him if he can make it thirty days without sex. But how much does the elusive Theo actually know about Cassie?

Cassie has always been alone in this world, so Theo's persistence scares her, but as Theo and Cassie grow closer, their pasts are slowly uncovered. As Cassie's past is revealed, Theo decides to ignore his feelings for her so he can be the first person Cassie can truly trust and rely on.

But Cassie doesn't want to be Theo's friend... she wants more. When it becomes obvious Theo is no longer going to touch her, she comes up with a plan of her own.

Seduce and conquer.

It should be easy for Cassie to get what she wants, but is she powerful enough to seduce Theo into bed?

Holy 180! Was that Theo? Did that just end with those thoughts from Theo? Mr a different girl every night of the week!?! Holy crap!!

This book I liked much more than book one. I loved seeing Cassie grow from insecure to kinda sassy and feisty. I also like that some times she takes control. It was nice to see her get that confidence back. It was also nice to see Theo.'s change, his growth. In this one both our characters grew and changed, in different ways, but it was still there.

If you are looking for a quick, cute, sexy read, this one is for you. But believe me, I'm still left asking - WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Justine did a great job of getting us tangled back up in the story of Theo and Cassie! Can't wait
To see where she takes us next. 

Another 4 stars! 

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