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30 April 2015

❤❤4.5 star review of Salvation by Stephanie John ❤❤

Dee's rating: 4 of 5 stars
Salvation (Heal Me #1)

A chance meeting turned my world inside out.

Intelligent, sexy, and rich. With a dash of roguish charm and a cocksure smile, Nathan Blake is the ultimate fantasy. He can have any woman he wants with only a glance. 

And he wants me.

My past has left me broken and humiliated, wary of men like him. 
I cut myself off from the pain, moving thousands of miles away to escape every reminder, determined to start anew.

I’ve been second best before. It isn't happening again.

One kiss and I'm caught under his spell, drawn to him with every breath I take.
I can't resist.
The passion that explodes between us becomes an intense connection 
neither of us thought we’d share. Or need.

The suffering inside me reflects his – a pain I know he feels, but can’t bring himself to reveal.

I have no idea his love can heal me – that mine can heal him…
…if only I can let down my guard for him and trust.

Wow I am totally engrossed with all things Nathan Blake. I'm loving him, hating Ash, loving Will and Mai, just so much to love. Stephanie has done a great job of taking a character who tells you strictly at the beginning what they do and don't expect and letting you watch them fall in love. And they fall so deeply, their lost without the other. So everything they do is so heartfelt and meaningful. Every expression is felt by the reader.

I both love and hate Ks insecurities. I love them because they make her real, it makes you relate. But I hate them because they put a gap between out two main characters. She keeps him close, but also far away. She wants his truths but won't share hers, so it makes me hate it.

I love the strength and depth of the feelings out characters share. I love that we got to see and feel that build up. I can't really relay how much I liked this book, it was so well written. I didn't feel any gaps or have any questions. I didn't feel like it dragged or skipped over important parts. Stephanie does a great job of creating a billionaire who knows his worth, but her doesn't flaunt it in everyone's face, and it makes you love him even more. She also did a great job of creating very realistic situations, friendships, and issues- personally and in a relationship.

I think this is a great book and give it 4.5 stars

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