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02 August 2016

❤❤ REAPER by A Zavarelli Audio Review ❤❤

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


He’s dark and mysterious. Quiet and lethal.
An Irish mobster.
Pure sin wrapped up in a beautiful package.
But there’s also something off about him.
He doesn’t feel anything. He shows no emotions.
Sometimes I question his humanity.
He hasn’t spoken to me in two years. Not a single word.
But we share a secret, he and I.
And if it ever comes out, I have no doubt in my mind…
He won’t have a problem killing me too.

I’ve slain for her. I’ll do it again.
When it comes to Sasha, there isn’t a line I won’t cross.
I watch her. She doesn’t know it.
She thinks I hate her. Sometimes, I think I might too.
But I’m always there, lurking in the shadows.
Craving her. Trying to keep the beast within at bay.
I’ll keep her safe. I’ll slaughter anyone who tries to hurt her. 
The only thing I can’t do… is protect her from myself. 

*copy of this audio provided by audiobook boom in exchange for an honest review*

I've never read A Zavarelli before, but I am a goner for a mafia man with their bad boy ways and foul mouths and a hot cover. And let's be honest here. .. this is a hot cover. It grabbed my eye right away.

 While I liked the story, I couldn't really connect with the audio. The narrator did a great job with the different accents she had to portray. However, her tone felt very monotone to me and thus made the story kind of boring. I was struggling to stay interested because I didn't feel any emotion behind the narrator, like at all.

I liked the twists and turns of the story. The lovers who have lusted for so long and never acted, but are now thrown together. How Ronan won't let her leave . How Sasha is so fierce and loyal to him. How her life so quickly becomes dependent on the people she thought she was so ready to walk away from. I think, for, me, this book may be better read rather than listened to.

I had to give this 3 stars

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