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09 August 2016

❤❤ TURBULENT INTENTIONS by Melody Anne 3 star review ❤❤

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Armstrong brothers are wealthy, wild-at-heart bad boys—until their father’s will demands they prove themselves and marry in order to inherit their fortune.

Eldest brother Cooper channels his reckless spirit into becoming CEO of his own airline. The only thing better than the adrenaline rush of flying is his one-night stand with a stunning stranger. At first he doesn’t recognize the fiery barista he clashes with years later at an airport coffee shop. But when Stormy Halifax turns up as his new house sitter, Cooper knows she’s his Cinderella. And he doesn’t just want her in his mansion. He wants her back in his bed.
Stormy can’t believe she’s living under Cooper’s roof. Gorgeous and arrogant, he’s convinced she’ll surrender again—and he’s right. But just as Stormy is succumbing to a world of pleasure, her trust is shattered. And the biggest challenge Cooper has ever faced will be proving he wants Stormy, now and forever, for all the right reasons.
Turbulent Intentions was originally published as Below the Radar - The Billionaire Aviators. This edition has been completely edited and revised, including significant plot changes.

*arc provided by the publisher for an honest review*

I've read alot of Melody Anne's books. in fact, she's one of the reasons I fell back in love with reading. I've read the Anderson's. the treasures. the Titans. all of it, loved it. But this one, there was just something about it that just didn't jive with me.

I liked the idea of, like the Anderson's, the matriarch of the family stepping in to set up the man and woman. I liked the idea of them running into each other after a one night stand. I liked the idea of each of them wanting more but being afraid the other wouldn't. I liked the idea of them... but, I don't know. Cooper was, okay. He was Cooper. the big, bad, billionaire pilot. He's hot, he's a hero, he's a good guy. Stormy, I don't know. Maybe it was her character that I couldn't click with. Strong, Independent, stubborn at times... I don't know, I just didn't click with them like I did the Anderson's. Who, we do get a little snapshot of! YAY!!  I just felt like I didn't have that all out desire to watch it work out. I didn't have that addiction of not putting the book down. 

If you are looking for a quick, cutesy read, this is the one that you want to pick up. It was good, I'm not saying that it wasn't, it just wasn't my favorite Melody Anne book.

For me, I could only give it 3 stars

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