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26 October 2016

❤❤ 4.5 star audio review of GHOST by A Zavarelli❤❤


I have always been a bird. Caged by one prison or another when the only thing I ever wanted was to fly away.
Sold. Beaten. Starved. Drugged. 
Nothing scares me anymore. 
Until him. 
He makes the numbness go away. 
He is hazardous to me. It has nothing to do with his mafia lifestyle, and everything to do with what he offers.
A gilded prison. 
A retreat from everything that I once knew. The reality I have no desire to return to. 
He thinks he’s caged me, but soon… 
I’m going to fly. 

I live by a code. The Vory code. 
In this mafiya world, there are traditions. 
She does not care for these things. She does not care about anything. 
She thinks she has me fooled with her haunted eyes. 
What she can’t know is that I see her better than most. 
She wants to fly. 
But I’m going to clip her wings. 
And make her my wife. 

*audio copy provided by the author and audiobook boom for an honest and unbiased review*

So not only did the storyline of this book win me over, but the narrator knocked it out of the park. I think I've listened to something by her before and I'm not too sure I liked it. This one however, I loved it. She had so many different accents she needed to accentuate for each character and their background or mafia relation, and she nailed them all. It definitely definitely made me like the book even more.

I can't say I'm overly excited about Talia giving Alexei another shot. Especially after his reaction. He was supposed to know her. He was supposed to have really gotten to know her. I felt like I was let down by his reaction, betrayed by it. I expected more from him. His dad, no. Katya, no. Him, yes.

Okay and sit down for this reaction. But..... I really wanted Talia to be part of her vengeance. Not just with words, but with actions. Does that make me weird? I have this weird desire for vengeance when women are wronged so deeply and horribly. I want them to be the grim reaper.

anywho... I feel like more than once he let me down with his reactions- always seeing or thinking the worst in her, and each time she opened back up to him. I mean he did lay a river of blood for her, but still...he is mafia.

I think this story was great. the narrator was exceptional , the story flowed great and kept me intrigued the whole time.

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