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24 October 2016

❤❤ THINGS THAT SHINE by Heidi Hutchinson and Bria Quinlan review ❤❤


Brew Ha Ha barista, Emily Tavest, hasn’t had it easy. But that doesn’t stop her from believing the best about everything—except guys. Guys should just stay over there… in that corner …away from her relationship-free zone. Everything will be fine if Love does not come to town. 

Guitar tech, Sage McNabb, has spent the last year on the road with Double Blind Study. Now, learning how to live in the same place every day, Sage has gotten addicted to more than just the coffee at The Brew. 

Emily’s walls are more electric than stage pyrotechnics, but Sage is a guy who knows a battle worth fighting. 

THINGS THAT SHINE is a standalone crossover novel based on the worlds of The Brew Ha Ha (Bria Quinlan) and Double Blind Study (Heidi Hutchinson).

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*arc provided by the author for an honest and unbiased review*

I've read all Heidi's work. so when she had a new release and it was co-written with another author I hadn't heard of, I was nervous. I mean these are my DBS boys and Heidi, I was nervous it wasn't going to be the same. I mean hello, DBS. I know, no further explanation needed. And Heidi has always been one of those authors I can sit down, pick up her book and just disappear for awhile, or you know, until the book is finished. She has this amazing ability to wrote a story that just sucks me in and I don't want to leave. I was afraid adding a person to our little lovely relationship would throw it off kilter. It wouldn't jive the same. Could this love triangle really work with these two authors and me? Yes, my friends , it can. it can, it does, it did. The writing was seamless. There was no feel that one person wrote one section, then someone else wrote another. It was smooth and blends so very well.

Now dont get me wrong, there were times when a character was mentioned and I felt like I Should know this person. I need to look into this. And it's possible it's from the other series. It didn't deter me from reading it, it actually makes me want to pick it up.

I'm still kind of mad at Sage. I'm not going to lie. I don't care what he said, or what he gave up, he still broke my heart for Emily. I'm a hard person to win back buddy. Get to groveling.

I loved the build up between them. The non-date date. wait, does that make this a non-review, review? Our little Em and her non-dating status. You gotta love that little sprite.  I found I immediately connected with her in the beginning, so it hurt me when he hurt her.  Intentions don't count. He does well to make it up to her... I will say that. her walls do go up after that, but... she does make the right decision to let him back in. BTW..DBS checks in a lot, who wouldn't love that.

I think this was another fabulous book, by not only one, but two great authors. I highly recommend this book, and the DBS series.

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