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30 January 2015

❤❤ 4 star review of One Long Embrace by Tina Folsom ❤❤

Tara Pierpont has had it with her interfering parents who want her to find a rich guy to marry just like her older sister did. She’s ready to rebel against them, and a chance for her rebellion appears in the form of a handsome waiter at an exclusive Hamptons party.

When Jay Bohannon attends the anniversary party of his friend’s parents and is mistaken for a waiter, he wants to immediately clear up the misunderstanding. But then Tara opens up to him and confesses that she’s sick of entitled rich guys and just wants to have fun with somebody who wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

The thing is, Jay is anything but poor or ordinary. And he’s exactly the kind of guy Tara is trying to avoid

Oh Tina. I so love her writing. I really liked the idea behind this book, BUT I would've liked for two things to happen. I think Jay should've told Tara about Deborah and why he did what he did. I mean he opened up and told her his past, why not this. But since her parents were such an issue through the book, I think there should've been more or a stand up for yourself type thing. Or her parents being put in their place more.  No superficial crap, the real deal. 

Other than those two small complaints, Tina delivers us her standard steamy romance that once you pick up you just don't want to put down.You will love Jay and how much him and Tara steam up the screen, but also how much they bond when they're together. It's also super hot that he stands up for her when she doesn't even know it. I mean who doesn't love a man who stands up for his woman, when she isn't even his woman. I loved the basis for both of them, was to make sure they had real love and some the superficial crap. I especially loved that they both went in  not expecting to be knocked upside the head by something so amazing. Tina totally had me sucked in to the high and mighty lives of the rich and beautiful in the Hamtpons, yachts, and snobs. I think she did an amazing job of not only writing a great love story, but also writing one that you could just imagine and feel what the characters felt throughout the story. 

I gave this book 4 stars!

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