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11 March 2015

❤❤ 4/5 Stars for Changing Everything by: Molly McAdams ❤❤

Paisley Morro has been in love with Eli since she was thirteen years old. But being his best friend and wingman, while keeping her feelings under wraps, has grown more difficult with every passing year and every new woman in his life. After twelve years, Paisley is tired of the constant heartache and has finally decided it's time to lay all her feelings on the table.
Eli Jenkins has the life: his dream job, countless beautiful women, and a best friend who's the one he counts on for everything else. One conversation, however, threatens to not only change everything between them, but possibly cause Eli to lose the only girl who has ever meant anything to him.
When a family tragedy forces Eli to take a hard look at his life, he realizes life without Paisley isn't a life at all. Only now, he may be too late.
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Here’s a little snippet from CHANGING EVERYTHING for y’all! Enjoy!
“Oh no,” I breathed, and looked at Kristen to act like I hadn’t heard Eli. “If he makes me play pool with him while he makes out with another girl again, I will lose it!”
“He’s smiling, at least he didn’t see you moping—and he’s walking over here. With her. Right now. He’s—”
“Pay, we’re gonna head out, were you ready to leave?”
I turned to look at them with a smile plastered on my face, but it was entirely possible I looked like I was grimacing. “Well … ” I began, but the girl in Eli’s arms held up her hand.
She made a sickened face as her head jerked up to look at Eli, then back at me. Long seconds passed as she looked me up and down with her lips parted in disgust. “Um … ew! I’m, like, not really into that whole threesome thing. So gross. Yano?”
I wanted to remind her that “you” and “know” were two separate words … but with the way she looked, I was surprised she knew that Eli plus her plus me equaled three and not the color burrito, so I kept that to myself.
Eli’s face pinched together like he’d eaten something sour, and before he said something that would inevitably crush me even more tonight, I tried to speak his latest pick’s language.
“Ohmigod, like, ew, right?”
Kristen’s hand flew to her mouth as beer sprayed out, and Eli’s lack-of-amused expression let me know that he knew what I was doing.
At least I didn’t feel like I was going to throw up anymore.
“Threesomes are so way gross,” I continued, not like I’d know. But the girl nodded her head and pursed her lips.
“So, like, is she gonna watch?” she asked, and it took everything in me not to shoot Eli a look that said: Really? This is what you want?
Excerpt #2
Here’s a little snippet from CHANGING EVERYTHING for y’all! Enjoy!
“Where are you going again?”
“Oh my God, Eli, for the fiftieth time … I’m going to a bonfire with a bunch of my cousins and their friends.”
“And you didn’t invite me?”
I stopped walking and just stood there staring off at the ocean. “Talking to you is like talking to a child, Eli Jenkins! You’ve asked that in that exact same wounded voice every time I’ve told you what I’m doing today. And for the last time, I didn’t invite you because the last time you saw my cousins you pulled a Will Ferrell … except it worked.”
“It’s not my fault your cousins were wasted and actually thought we were going streaking, and ended up getting busted by the cops.”
“Well, that’s not how they feel about it.”
Excerpt #3

Eli, Eli, Eli … bad move.
Here’s a little snippet from CHANGING EVERYTHING for y’all! Enjoy!
“Don’t you have a shirt you can put on?”
Stepping up behind her, I rested my chin on top of her head and picked at the pastry she’d just pulled out of the bag. “I do, but you woke me up.”
“I woke you up? I’m late. And your head is heavy,” she grumbled.
I put more pressure on her head and she elbowed my stomach. “What’s this?” I asked, and pointed at the wrapped sandwich she’d just set down.
“There are two sausage English muffins for you.”
“Do they have—”
“Extra cheese? Yes, they do.”
I hugged her waist tightly. “You’re the best.” Grabbing one of the sandwiches, I unwrapped it and held it in front of her so she could have the first bite before taking my own. “I forgot it was Sunday,” I mumbled around the food.
She laughed and started to unwrap her own sandwich. “Good thing it was my week to get food or I’d be sitting at my apartment starv— Wait. If I woke you up, why are you in jeans?”
“I could’ve walked out here naked.”
Her body went stiff. “You don’t sleep naked.”
I pointed in the direction of my room with my sandwich. “Carrie’s here.”
“Who’s Carrie?”
“The girl from the bar a few weeks ago.”
“There are a lot of girls from O’Malley’s when it comes to you, Eli,” she countered.
“Ouch. The girl from the night of my birthday.”
“Pay,” I growled in warning.
Paisley pushed against the island, trying to move me away. “Move, I need to leave.”
“No, you don’t.”
“You have a girl in your bed who is probably as naked as you were five minutes ago. I should not be here when she wakes up.”
“And you’re my best friend and it’s Sunday morning. This is our tradition and she’s not going to stop it because I forgot what today was.”
“Eli, let me go!” she hissed and jammed both her elbows into my stomach.
I bent forward as I took a step back. “Fuck, Pay!”
“Language! Let the Oompa-Loompa eat my breakfast, she’ll think you did something nice for her.” She took three steps away from me before I was able to grab her hand to stop her. Turning quickly, she stepped back up to me and tried to get in my face. All five feet of her. “Do you know how horrible you look when you do things like this to all these girls?” she seethed. “You’re twenty-five, Eli, grow up and stop being such a whore! Stop treating every girl you meet like all she is to you is your next lay. Stop letting them all be your next lay! Find someone who you actually want to spend your time with and—”
“Ohmigod. Are you, like, everywhere?”
Paisley whipped her head to the side to look at Carrie, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Pay. Where was this coming from? She’d joked about all the girls I slept with, but she’d never flipped out on me like this.
“Did I interrupt something?” Carrie gasped and shrieked, “I knew it! You are fucking her!”
Paisley scoffed and met my gaze. “No, he’s not. That should be obvious since I’m still around and none of the other girls are.”
Blame It On The Rain – He Is We | Chapter 1 (Paisley) Bar/Truck/Eli’s apartment
Say Something – A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera | Chapter 3 (Eli) Coffee shop
9 Crimes – Damien Rice | Chapter 5 (Eli) Hospital / (Paisley) End of BDay Surprise
Eyes Wide Open – Gotye | Chapter 6 (Eli) Office / (Paisley) Bar
Don’t Go – Jake Coco, Caitlin Hart | Chapter 7 (Eli) Outside Paisley’s apartment
Be Your Everything – Boys Like Girls | Chapter 7 (2 Eli) His apartment
Only You’re The One – Lifehouse | Chapter 8 (Paisley) Eli wakes her up
Moonlight Crush – Outshyne | Chapter 11 (Eli) Truck bed
Dance Without You – Skylar Grey | Chapter 12 (Paisley) Truck
Heart By Heart – Demi Lovato | Chapter 12 (Paisley) Inside the cottage
Check out this playlist here: Changing Everything

 Molly’s next book will be Trusting Liam: A Taking Chances and Forgiving Lies Novel, available on June 9th, 2015! Trusting Liam Amazon link:

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 Sometimes love is right in front of your face and you haven't realized it yet. This is exactly what happens with Eli and Paisley. They are best friends and have been that way for years, paisley has always known how she felt about Eli even if he was too blind to see it. Eli is the over protective best friend who disagrees with the men she talks to, even though he uses her to pick up women from time to time.
Then everything changes in their seemingly perfect world and, Paisley must decide who she truly loves and wants to be with, while Eli realizes his soul mate has been standing right in front of his face this whole time.
This story is full of laughs, tears, screaming and making up but at the end of the day it is real this is what life is all about not everyone meets and falls in love instantly its hard work and sometimes you didn't even know you were in love until reality gives you a great big slap in the face.


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