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14 March 2015

❤❤ Steel Veins MC by Adair Rymer, series review ❤❤



Attendant at her family's gas station and chased by dead-end boys, Star ached for an escape from her tedious routine. She was desperately looking for something she couldn't quite place. 
Then the deadly Steel Veins bikers rolled in, and she got more than she bargained for.

Her past now a smoldering wreckage, Star's only salvation from the vicious gang lies in the ruggedly handsome, hard-case Remy Daniels. Despite all the horror and carnage, he keeps pulling her out of the flames. She needs to know why. Even if it means wagering with her life.

A killer and a thief, Remy is torn between his duty to the club--the only life he's ever known--or the deceivingly fierce Star. She's unlike anyone he's ever met, and whether it's just lust or... something more, Remy is a man who takes what he wants. 
But to keep Star, he'll have to battle more than just crooked cops or rival gangs.

Adrenalin and violence has always numbed the pain, but not this time. Not with her. Can either of them survive his love, or will Star be just another speed bump on Remy's road to hell?

Book 1 in the Steel Veins MC Romance series, contains violence and dirty, dirty sex and an alpha male hero who doesn't back down.
Approx: 115 pages, ends in a cliffhanger.

My 4 star review for book 1, Too Rough For Love, can be found >>>HERE<<<


The road behind them littered with corpses, Remy and Star speed toward a breaking point.

Her small town innocence is ash in the breeze. Strip clubs, sex, murder... Star will do whatever it takes to show Remy that she can earn a place by his side. But is the price too high?

With every decision charring the frayed edges of her soul, Star struggles with who she needs to become in order to survive.

Hit men, Police and rival gang members bear down on all sides. Death rides from every cracked corner and still, Remy can't shake Star from his mind. And what he's done to her.

Can a man who has nothing left really give up the only person worth fighting for?

Book 2 in the Steel Veins MC Romance series, contains ground-shaking violence, filthy sex and an alpha male hero who will tear the world apart to get what he wants. Approx: 125 pages, ends in a cliffhanger.

**Arc provided for an honest review ** 

This volume of our Steel Veins MC series follows suit to book one and is shock full of drama. Now, don't get me wrong, some of it is unrealistic. But, that's why we read fiction, right? Totally off topic, sorry. 

Adair didn't hesitate on this book to bring the drama and bring the heat. Remy and star just have this connection that brings out the primal, raw sexual side of each of them. But REMY also brings out get hidden strength, and dark side. We get to see her grow a little in this book, which was really nice. We also get to see a different side to him, other than the hard ass biker were used to. 

I don't think Adair disappointed in any way. She kept me involved, sucked in, and surrounded by all thing SV. 


With everyone thinking they're dead, Remy and Star finally have the chance to start over. But after all they've been through, a clean slate in an ordinary world may not be enough.

Peace was never meant for them.

With the news that his brothers and hometown are at stake, Remy must decide between his family, and the woman he loves.

But protecting them means getting help from the only person he trusts: Star. Can he really bring her back into the very lifestyle he sacrificed everything to save her from?

Blood, tears, and the raw growl of motorcycles fill the pages in the final book of the Steel Veins trilogy

**arc provided for an honest review **

Wow. I'm totally surprised by the turn of events in this book. I have one small complaint. It started to get a little confusing with all the double crossing, but that's just my opinion. You know what I do love though? Adair has spread the drama throughout 3 books. I think if this was together in one book, it would be too much drama. But the way she balanced it out between the 3 books was perfect. I didn't feel overwhelmed with everything going on. 

My heart kind of hurt a little in this book. For Remy. For random women. For Remy. For Remy. But then there were also moments I found myself proud of any number of our characters. 

Of course Adair brings the heat again, that shouldn't surprise anyone. Well except Star. Talk about total 180. She is no where near the same person we met, when really neither is Remy. Our characters have changed and it's been great to read. It's been a great journey of character development and growth over the 3 books. I think Adair nailed it with this final book, if it is her final :)

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