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12 May 2016

❤❤Morrison by Chelsea Camaron & M.J. Fields 4 Star Review❤❤

My Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars

The sizzling-hot Caldwell Brothers series—perfect for readers of J. S. Scott and Emma Chase—hits the Vegas strip as a bad-boy gambler from Detroit Rock City shows a single mom what it means to play for keeps.
For Morrison Caldwell, life is a game of chance. A high roller with a legendary poker face, he’s the wild card of the family, always chasing the next thrill and never staying put for long. The one place that always lures him back is Las Vegas, with its hot tables and even hotter women. He’s perfectly content to live his life as a series of one-night stands. But when a parking lot confrontation with a cocktail waitress takes a naughty turn, she leaves Morrison aching for another round. 
After a long losing streak in Sin City, Hailey Poe is ready to get lucky. A steamy tryst with a cocky, mysterious stranger is the kind of no-strings encounter she’s been craving . . . until Morrison Caldwell asks for more than she’s willing to offer. But when Hailey’s controlling, soon-to-be ex-husband tries to take her daughter away, she can’t afford to turn down a helping hand. In this winner-takes-all game, Morrison is gambling with Hailey’s life—and her heart.

Hotness Rating 3 out of 5

After reading the first book of the Caldwell Brothers series I considered myself a fan. Morrison, the second book in this series has cemented my utter devotion to the dynamic writing duo Chelsea Camaron and M.J. Fields. This series revolves around the 3 Caldwell brothers who were pretty much spawned by the devil, but fortunate enough to have an angel for a mother. For years they stood powerless while their father beat their mother while she gave everything she had to protect them. As they grew older the tables turned and they were no longer powerless they were the ones that protected their mother at all cost. 

Morrison Caldwell may have lost his mom to cancer, but her love and lessons forever marked him. He has spent his adult life proving that he is no longer that poor, beaten down kid from Detroit. If there is one thing his father taught him it's how to read people. This has served him well. Morrison is pretty famous in the gambling circuits. He is definitely a man to be reckoned with. He exudes sex, power and money. He commands respect, but doesn't hesitate to give it back. 

Born to a prostitute mother that she loved with all her heart Hailey Poe learned early on that life is a series of checks and balances. This was proven even more true when her mom's pimp/her father pretty much sold her to the wealthy and powerful Monte at the young age of 17. Everything Monte provided for Hailey he kept track of and expected her to work off in "wifely" duties. The only good thing he did for was give her their daughter, but even that was added to her debt column. One day he just released her from their marriage and gave her 3 months to settle her debt or else Hailey knew she was never going to make it out alive, but she never gave up. 

I loved this couple. Morrison was such a study in contrast. There were times when he came across as an arrogant, heartless jerk, but when he learned of Hailey's story and was face to face with her little girl he was a big old mushball. His never ending patience with Hailey's lack of faith in humanity and fears was sigh-worthy. I loved how he called Hailey little momma and her daughter little Chick. It made me smile every time. His explanation on the different types of women (ass) made me laugh out loud and his pledge to fulfill his deathbed promise to his mother to "be the good in a world of bad" made me tear up. Hailey was a likeable character that broke my heart and inspired me all at once. Once "free" it was so hard for her to take the leap of faith and let someone help her, but she could never have done it without help. She was the best mom and such a hard worker I just wanted her to accept the good that was being offered to her so bad.

I seriously can not say enough about this book and cannot wait to start Jagger's story.

A 4 Star read for me

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