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13 February 2015

*~*~Five Star Review of The Absolutely True Story of Us*~*~

The Absolutely True Story of Us
Melanie Marchande
A Novel Deception #3

There are only two people in the world that I truly hate. One of them is unpacking his toothbrush in my bathroom, and the other one is texting me to find out what color my panties are.

Pathetic, I know. I’m a romance novelist caught between the man I used to love, and the one who wants to destroy my career. Well - maybe “destroy” is too strong of a word. But there’s still no excuse for why I started a secret cyber-affair with a snarky reviewer who likes to rip my books apart. Yes, he’s mysterious, and yes, he has a silver tongue, but I can’t keep doing this.

I have to focus on my fake relationship, with my *real* ex, all in the name of fooling my family. They think I’ve found the love of my life, and I’m determined not to let them find out the truth.

That I lied. That my “dream guy” is really a selfish dirt bag who broke my heart. That the closest thing I have to a soul mate is a stranger on the internet, who’s happy to sext me while believing I’m in a committed relationship.

It all started with five little words.

Based on a true story...
Magan's Review

I'm a Melanie fangirl.
I have no shame in admitting it.
I'm this close to kidnapping her and going a little Misery.


Sort of...

Okay, let's start with this book. You know how people say it's a cliche for authors to make their characters authors? Obviously those people never read a Melanie Book!

Lissy thought writing a book would be a great thing, especially if she said it was based on a true story.

She didn't expect the world and her big, crazy family to take to it.

It doesn't help that her and "Damien" are on the rocks and have to play pretend or that she is having a flirtationship with a male blogger.

If you want to laugh. Swoon. And make your husband wear leather lace up pants then BUY THIS BOOK!

I give this book 5 Leather Laced Stars



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