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24 March 2016

❤❤ FOREVER WITH YOU by Brooke Page ❤❤

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What happens after the wedding? An erotic continuation of Tyler and Becca's Story. 

Becca and Tyler have successfully beaten the odds and now find each at the front of the aisle saying I do. A beautiful dream come true, these newlyweds are ready to spend the rest of their lives as a happily married couple. 

But Becca has a secret. 

A secret that will test Tyler’s limits. 

Can this couple beat the odds once more? 

Join Becca and Tyler on the honeymoon of a lifetime. 

gah. this makes me fall back in love with Becca and Tyler. it was the perfect happily happily ever after to their story. 

I love the way Brooke writes how much Tyler loved and cherishes Becca so much. the way she writes is almost as if you can feel how much her cherishes her. it makes you wish for it, long for it, wish that could be your reality. not even the travelling and lavish gifts, just the emotions and feelings he doles on her. And let's not forget the way Brooke always finds to weave in some drama so delicately and perfectly.

Brooke is such a truly talented writer. this novella is proof. she's one writer I wish more people knew about and picked up.



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