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03 April 2016

4.5 star review of THE BEAST by JR Ward

oh god. holy shit that was a good book. that was over 500 pages of a really damn good book.

I started to waver in the beginning. there is an epic scene that had me literally pacing my house, doubting I could finish this book. I mean legit sitting here repeating to myself "she can't do this, she can't do this." over and over and over. and since that scene I was sucked in, done for.

I was also scared, a bit intimidated by the length. I mean that was 507 pages of awesomeness, but when you see it in paperback form, that shit is kinda scary. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to be invested in the story for that long. I should've known better. minus a few things that bothered me, which were kind of minor, I loved this book. This will sound really weird, but I LOVE when Mary talks to the Beast... I flove it!

JRW had me all over the place here. I found myself tearing up, YES TEARING UP,  on more than one occasion. I went from pissed at Rhage, to heartbroken and scared, to in awe of Mary's strength, to loving V, wanting to coddle Layla and keep her company, to liking someone I didn't think I ever would... just all over the place. one thing, there was one small thing I didn't like. there were sooo  many POVs in this book. yes they make sense because we have multiple storylines happening throughout the book, all at one time, but sometimes it just got to be a little much. I know normally I say that things can be a little wordy or too much back story, but let me assure you - that is definitely NOT an issue here.

I'm so glad I got an arc of this book from the publisher. my daughter is on spring break, spending some time with her dad it allowed me to spend roughly 24 hours so deeply invested in this book and all things BDB . I can't believe some of the turn of events that happened here. I also can't wait to see where JRW takes us. the possibilities with her are endless.

4.5 stars from me

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