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16 November 2015

❤❤ MORE THAN ENOUGH by Jay McLean 5 star review ❤❤

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There’s no emotion greater than fear.

No ache greater than grief.

No sound greater than silence.
I’m grateful he showed up on my doorstep, 
pissed off and angry at the world.
If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here.
And I don’t just mean here on this journey with him.
I mean here, in this world.
I wonder what events in all our lives—hers included—are The Turning Points? The points where we all determine that the fear of our pasts and the uncertainty of our futures are greater than our need for happiness.
While time and everything around us stands unmoving… who’s to say we can’t have it all?
We wanted it all.
We wanted it with each other.
We thrived on the chaos we created.
And ignored the Mayhem that ensued.
Because falling in love was easy.
But sometimes, love isn’t enough.

OMG this is going to be so hard to write this review, without giving spoilers.. so I'm going to try. Stick with me!

Dear Jay, can you please stop writing books that I cry through reading 70% of the book. And ladies, I mean legit ugly crying.

Could you, Jay, have made this book any more emotional? Please don't answer that.... I feel like I just road an emotional roller coaster. I feel like I need a full day of recovery to come back from it. I mean the anger I felt at the choices some people made, the things they did. The anger I felt at Dylan. The sorrow I felt for Dylan. The sorrow I felt for his girl. Not only for what she went through but what he put her through. But.. I Just... When ... GAH!

But the happiness. The pride. The family. This group of friends. Talk about pulling the emotions. The family support not just from this tight knit group, but the families themselves. They are the definition of true friends and family. They are the definition of love and support. And they're hot okay..let's admit that. Just, Dylan...

They are also the definition of Mayhem and payback. I wish I could sit here and say that 5 starts is justifying. But it doesn't include how addicting Jays storylines are. How full of a story you get. It doesn't describe how broken down and built up our characters are. It doesn't describe how amazing it is to watch two people fight so hard for such a true love, a soul mate. If you ever even think or consider reading JM, don't hesitate. 

Start at book one and do it. But have your tissues next to you each time you start a new book. She will pull the feels out, break your heart into a million pieces, then make sure the best of the best puts it back together so it's stronger than before, so it's better than before. It's More Than Enough.


(best if read in series order)


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