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26 November 2015

❤❤ THANKSGIVING TREATS & TALES with Allison Jewel ❤❤

To celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, we've asked some of our favorite authors to share Thanksgiving tales from their books and their favorite Thanksgiving recipes!

Now on to our TALE from Let it Shine by Allison Jewel

(Book Four in the Shine On Series)

As Emmie stood in the kitchen surrounded by hissing pots, sizzling skillets, and over-the-top flower arrangements, she began to regret the fact that she had turned Silas down when he offered to hire help for her. She had said no, explaining that everyone deserved to be with their family on Thanksgiving. She opened the oven and reached for the pan. The thin towel did little to protect her skin from the burning pan. Emmie shouted a string of words that she’d heard Silas use before she realized that it came out her mouth. Jemma looked over at her and laughed.

“Do you think anyone else heard that?” Emmie giggled.

Silas came into the room with a wide smile. “Can you keep that to a minimum while my ma is here? She just spilled her tea all over the living room.”

Trick laughed, walking in behind him.

Emmie’s face turned as red as her burnt hand. She moved to the sink and poured running water over it unit the sting went away.

She turned around, surprised to find Silas was right there. He grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing her red fingers.

“Sorry for the swears.” she laughed.

He smiled, his lips still pressed to her fingers. “Are you okay?” “Yes,” she answered. “We are fine.”

Silas brought his hand down to rest on the small bump that was only visible in her chemise. It was still completely hidden in her normal clothes. Although he had touched the spot often enough to know where it was under her dress. As he pressed the fabric of her navy dress down against her stomach, it became visible.

“Silas?” his mother said softly from the doorway. Her Irish lilt made his name beautiful.

He pulled his hand back like a kid that had been caught in the cookie jar.  His parents walked into the room followed by Walter and Mae.

Walter walked over to Emmie. “Why was he standing looking down at your belly like there was something to be seen?”

Emmie was caught off guard. She didn’t know how to answer. A pot of corn bubbled over on the stove. Jemma moved to take care of it.

“Silas? He’s asked a question. Answer the man,” Silas’s father said with a grin.

Emmie smiled nervously at Silas and nodded at him, giving him permission to share the news.

“Ma, Pop, Walter, Mae. Emmie and I.... Next spring, you’re going to be grandparents,” Silas said.
The room was filled with hugs and cheers. When the room cleared and it was just the two of them, Emmie walked over and wrapped her arms around Silas. Stretching up on her toes, she kissed his cheek and whispered, “Thank you.”

“You’re the one doing all of the work. It’s me that should be thanking you,” he said.

“I mean about the baby.” She giggled, moving back to the stove to finish plating the food.

“I only did the good part on that too. Once again, you’re doing all the work.” He laughed at his joke.

“No,” she rolled her eyes, “but you’re right. I’ve yet to see you vomit or faint once. I mean... about what you said. You told Mae and Walter they would be grandparents again. You don’t know what those words mean to me.”

“Oh,” Silas said, thinking back over what he’d said. “I didn’t even realize...”

“I know, it came from your heart,” she said, touching his chest.

He grinned and winked. “I love you, Mo Chuisle.”


Easy Corn Pudding

12cup butter
cup sour cream
(8 1/2 ounce) box Jiffy cornbread mix
(14 1/2 ounce) can creamed corn
(14 1/2 ounce) can whole kernel corn, drained

        Melt butter in a casserole dish.
        Mix in egg and then all remaining ingredients.
Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.


About The Series
Shine On Blurb, Trailer, and Links  (Book One)
*Shine On is free as an ebook

Emmie Talbot is a quintessential good girl. 
Smart, Southern, Kind
Church Goer
Small Town Seamstress
Aspiring Teacher
A Misguided Moonshiner

Emmie's sole purpose in life was taking care of her moonshine loving step-father. When he is killed in a fiery crash on their farm, she is left alone and frustrated with a mountain of debt. Working as a seamstress for a crazy-old-coot shopkeeper is not the kind of life she had imagined for herself. 

The curious events that surround her step-father’s death send Emmie on a quest for answers. Answers that lead to a dangerous secret tucked away on her property. Stumbling on a moonshine still was an unfortunate event for most folks in the hills of Kentucky. She was lucky not to have been shot on the spot. Emmie saw hope in the steam escaping the curved copper pipe of "Ole Maizy". However, a series of mishaps put her front and center in a local moonshine war.

In the midst of chaos, Emmie is befriended by an attorney recently transported from Chicago. Silas McDowell is a man seeking some answers of his own. In an attempt to find a little roaring twenties glamour in the small town, he introduces Emmie to the underground world of Speakeasies and Blind Pigs. Loyalty, lies, and murder conspire to push Silas and Emmie together or rip them apart. Cloaked in secrets and unsure whom to trust, Emmie must decide to drown in darkness or find a way to Shine On.

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Author Bio:
Allison Jewell lives in Southern Kentucky with her husband, two sons, and dog. When she isn't hard at work on her next novel, she can be found doing one of her favorite things: watching her older son chase the puck at the local hockey rink, hanging out at home listening to records with her husband, or making up silly songs with her younger son. Allison was an elementary school teacher and education consultant before becoming a writer.

Allison is author of the Shine On series. The reading order of the Shine On Series is listed below.
Shine On
Rise & Shine
Come Rain or Shine
Let It Shine

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Twitter: AuthorAJewell

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