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30 November 2015

❤❤ Fighting the Fall by Jennifer Snow 4.5 star review ❤❤

Fighting the Fall (Beyond the cage #2)

by Jennifer Snow

4.5 out of 5 stars

MMA fighters go Beyond the Cage in the new series by the author of Breaking Her Rules. This time, it’ll take some fancy footwork for a gym owner to keep from falling in love…

Hollywood actress Parker Hamilton will do anything to get back in the spotlight. Since breaking up with one of the industry’s most successful directors, she’s been in a string of box office busts. Now, she’s found the role of a lifetime in a film about a female MMA fighter and she knows exactly who to ask for help learning the ropes…

When Tyson Reed sees a blonde bombshell walk into his gym looking for training, he wants to refuse. He knows her type and he doesn’t need any unwanted distractions while preparing for his upcoming title fight. But if he can’t pay off his brother’s debts, Tyson could lose his gym… and the reputation his family has had in the MMA world for three generations.

Tyson never thought he’d be going one-on-one with a spoiled, out-of-shape Hollywood actress. But this is one bout he just may not win—or want to…

I don't know what it was about this book, but I started it and just could not put it down. I read it in one sitting. Opened it up and dove right in. ONce I was sucked in, I was not going to stop until the end. 

I loved the story of Parker and Tyson. I love love love how much he didn't want to like her, but couldn't help it. I was stunned at the turn of events with Dane.  absolutely stunned. I have to admit, I wanted to hate Connor. I really really did. But I found that I couldn't.. I don't know what it was about him, even after what he did. I just couldn't hate him. Now, Tyson's dad. . I don't know what it was about that man, but him I couldn't bring myself to like. him, at all. Not after how he treated Tyson , especially not after how he treated Connor. 

I really loved Tyson. I ended up feeling a little bad for him throughout the story. as his fight got closer, it was like every one else's drama was piled up on his shoulders and no one was thinking of what he needed to focus on. 

At first, I didn't think i was going to like Parker. Poor poor Parker and her silver spoon life, living so lush in Las Vegas. Then as we get to know her more, her desire to proof her self worth, her insecurities, her will to get the movie made, her backbone, I ended up really liking her. Rooting for her. And when everything went down with Tyson, my heart kind of hurt a little. I really wanted him to open his eyes. 

I loved the way Jennifer wrote this book. LIke i said, i opened it up and didn't put it down until the absolute end. There was no way I was going to stop reading without seeing those ending credits roll by. Great job with this Jennifer!



Check out book one in the series, BREAKING HER RULES

MMA fighters go the distance in this all-new series from Jennifer Snow, author of the Brookhollow novels.

Walker Adams was supposed to follow in his lawyer father’s footsteps, but instead he’s training to be an MMA fighter. And while he works for his chance to make it in the UFC, he’s bunking on his baby sister’s best friend’s couch. Gracie Andrews is all grown up—in all the right places. But she’s engaged to the fight match-maker who holds Walker’s career in his hands…

Gracie had almost convinced herself that she’d put her silly childhood crush on Walker to rest. But the sight of him sleeping in only a pair of boxer briefs makes it clear that some things never change. And as old sparks turn to flames, Gracie is forced to decide between the future she thought she wanted or the man she’s never stopped loving…

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