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21 December 2015

❤❤ 4 star review of GLOW by Beth Kery ❤❤

GLOW (Glimmer and Glow #2)
From the New York Times bestselling author of Glimmer,Because You Are MineWhen I’m With You, and The Affair, the latest novel in the suspenseful and sensual new series about power, sex, and the secrets that can tear us apart, body and soul…

Alice Reed never dreamed she’d escape the stigma of her disturbing past. That’s why she was shocked when, out of the blue, she was recruited to join the elite Durand Enterprises by the enigmatic CEO himself, Dylan Fall. The erotic charge between them was fast and deliciously forbidden. But as Alice opened up to worlds she’d never known, everything changed once again with a stunning discovery: there’s much, much more concealed in the shadows of Alice’s troubling childhood, and her life is about to change forever.

Now, with another piece of the puzzle of Alice’s identity revealed, a mysterious adversary plots to destroy it all—and Dylan is determined to protect her. But as Alice’s sexual addiction to Dylan turns helplessly to love, she can’t help but wonder: how deeply can she really trust him? What were his true motives in drawing her close to him? And what other secrets does he know about her past that even she has yet to learn?

This was the second book, a sequel to the first and it was absolutely amazing. There was so much to discover about Alice and her life prior to being kidnapped. It's hard to review this without giving away spoilers to book one or two! 

It was really hard to put down and you questioned everything because there was so a lot of mystery surrounding the story. It didn't hurt that Dylan was hot and the sex was SO STEAMY! It was written very well and the action in the book was really good too!

4 star read!


 Check out book one in the series, GLIMMER

GLIMMER (Glimmer and Glow #1)

From the New York Times bestselling author of Because You Are Mine, a scorching new novel about forbidden desire…

After graduating from her M.B.A. program, Alice Reed is surprised when she’s recruited for the management training experience at legendary Camp Durand, owned by Durand Inc.’s young, billionaire CEO, Dylan Fall. The company usually recruits from Ivy League schools, not insignificant colleges like Alice’s.

Alice enthusiastically accepts, but she still wonders why Dylan would choose a girl from the wrong side of the tracks for the prestigious program. But after a passionate encounter one night, she discovers exactly why—Dylan wants her, and Alice can hardly resist his fierce sexual appetites, though she is amazed that she could appeal to an experienced, sophisticated man like Dylan.

As Dylan introduces her to thrilling, erotic territory, Alice discovers a delicious new part of herself. Night after night, she steals away to find ecstasy and escape in Dylan’s arms. But behind her lover’s powerfully magnetic facade, Alice senses darkness, secrets from Dylan’s past lurking in his beautiful, lonely mansion—secrets that are starting to haunt Alice. And the ghosts of the truth might tear Dylan and Alice apart forever . 

GLIMMER and GLOW are published by Berkley Publishing. You can read more about Berkley on their website and facebook.

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