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17 December 2015


25 Days 
Claire Adams

Kindle Edition, 300 pages

Published December 2nd 2015

Review by Courtney

My name is Chloe. I just graduated college a semester early in clothing design. My dad offered to fund my own clothing line if I came to Aspen and spent 25 days with him and my brother. Then the day after Christmas I would get the money. Although I hadn't been there since going to college in California I couldn't turn the money down. I hated it there and expected it to be boring. 

But then I met drop dead sexy Finn... 

I'm Finn and use women for sex. However, I was tired of one night stands so I decided that for the next 25 days I was going sex free. That's when I met Chloe. The gorgeous blonde didn't play games and I loved that about her. I decided to just be her friend until my 25 days were up. The problem? She was leaving at the exact same time. Could I stop myself from trying to f*ck her? Probably not, but she could... 

Let the 25 days begin... 

* This sexy steamy Christmas bad boy romance is perfect for fans of Joanna Blake, Devon Hartford, Sabrina Paige, Winter Renshaw, Vanessa Waltz and Dani Wyatt *

Chloe is a recent graduate from UCLA. She is conned into 25 days in Aspen with her father whom she does not get along with. But he will provide her the money she needs to start her own clothing line, and put her new degree to use.

Finn is the town playboy, he is known for using women to keep a warm spot in his bed, and he knows women use him to brag to their friends about the hottie they slept with in Aspen. 

Finn gets a rude wake up call, when an almost hook-up with a pretty girl goes terribly wrong, and he decides then he is swearing of whoring around for 25 days. 

But what he wasn’t expecting was to meet a little firecracker named Chloe.

Looking at the whole picture, I really enjoyed this book, but I also had my fair share of issues. First off I am in no way a grammar teacher, but this is a finished copy and I bought and paid for it, I had to go back and reread some sentences for the grammatical errors to make sense. It is a pet peeve of mine and while it didn’t take away from the story it took away from my reading experience. 

I had some problems getting into the story and past the detail dump from the author, but once she found her footing the story really flowed for me. The characters are wonderful and very well developed. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Finn and Chloe. 

The author did really well with making this book not seem like an insta-lust, and if you look at the timeline it really is, but the author builds on the friendship and chemistry between these two characters, that you forget that they have only known each other for a couple weeks. 

This is much more than a romance though, this is a book about the holidays and families healing as well. I think Claire did a wonderful job capturing the romance and all the feels! If you’re in the mood for something sweet and not too heavy for the holidays, then I definitely recommend 25 days!

Courtney rated it 3 stars!


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