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30 December 2015

❤❤ Michelle's 4 star review of ANTIQUES AND MURDER ❤❤


Jemma-Leigh’s mother told her “You don’t sleep with a man you just met”. It seems like easy advice, but when a sexy new guy moves in down the street, all bets are off. Running the antique shop in her rural Georgia town seems simple too, but when one of her customers is murdered, the sheriff blames her new man. Can Jemma-Leigh clear his name and find the killer before the killer finds her? 

This is a novella of approx. 20,000 words. 

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 "Summer in the south is more than a season, it’s a whole new atmosphere. It’s humid, hot as blue blazes-whatever that means, and my hair hates it. If you haven’t been subjected to it since birth, it’s a miserable experience. If you have, you just don’t know any better. I could feel sweat beginning to pool in the small of my back and it wasn’t even noon. Trying to force some cool air in, I grabbed the edge of my t-shirt and gave a few vigorous flaps. It didn’t help much. 
My name is Jemma-Leigh Ward. I have a middle name too, but I won’t admit to it. In my town, if you don’t know someone with two first names then you don’t know anyone. I’m 29 years old and I live in Camden, a small town in rural Georgia. Camden is a slow paced kind of city, the kind where old people sit on their stoops and watch the world go by. It’s the kind of place where almost everyone is on a first name basis and children get away with nothing because someone will spot you and call your mama. Food is deep fried, tea is sweet and everyone says grace before dinner."

This was a very good read. It kept me in suspense and I was constantly guessing  what would happen next.  It had just the right amount of humor- enough to make it entertaining without taking away the mystery or romance of the story. It was a very easy story to get caught up in and once I started I didn't want to put it down. I really hope the story continues with another book because I would love to read more about it. 

I would give this 4 stars


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