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20 June 2016

❤❤ STEALING HIS THUNDER (Masters of Adrenaline #1) by Sparrow Beckett 3.5-4 star review ❤❤

From the author of the Masters Unleashed series, Sparrow Beckett revs things up with two lovers on a collision course in the first Masters of Adrenaline novel. 

Nothing gives Addison Kennedy a rush like stealing cars. The Lexus was the perfect target, but before she can get its engine purring, she's cold-cocked unconscious. When she comes to, she finds herself on a bed with a blonde, tattooed god standing over her. 
Fox Larson is shocked to discover the thief he knocked out is actually a hot girl. Bringing her home may not have been the smartest move, but he wasn’t about to leave an unconscious and defenseless woman in a parking garage. Besides, if she’s part of an auto theft crew infringing on his territory, he needs to pump her for information. 
However, Addison has personal drive that won’t be denied and she’s desperate to prove Fox’s group needs her skills. Submitting to his kinks in the bedroom is a hot yet complicated bonus. When a big job goes bad, and Addison finally gets her chance, will she succeed in stealing his thunder?

I always love the option of picking up an author I've never read before, and diving into their worlds. Sometimes you may get disappointed. In cases like this one, you aren't. 

While reading the story, I immediately loved Addison, the good girl in search of the rush. Now, the way that Addison and Fox meet is extremely extremely unconventional. Extremely. But how Sparrow had them meet, and the way that she developed their relationship was awesome. Now I'm not saying there aren't things that threw me off. Like how we mention how quickly she falls into subspace, but yet after they finally do the deed, or during, there's no mention of it. It really doesn't come up often.. that seemed a little off to me. But it wasn't something that turned me off the story. Actually, the way that Fox went all Dommy, but wasn't a Dom was really hot. Sparrow definitely heats up the pages with these two, and she holds nothing back. 

I did get a little nervous when the letter arrived, I mean who knows how smarty pants Addison is going to react.. I can't say she reacted at all how I expected. I expected truth, honesty and oversharing. I expected Fox to go all Dommy and order her around. I was surprised at the wrench that Sparrow threw these two. Not only that, I loved their line of work. It's not normal. Having a woman who wants to get into this business so badly, I can't say I've read a book like that before. Kudos for originality.

I also loved the secondary characters- Fox and Addison's families. They really added to the relationship and characters. The drama that involved them didn't take away from Fox and Addison, it made their relationship that much more important. 

All in all I really did like this book. And I'm kind of hoping Atlas and Luke get their own book... or maybe a tattoo.... or two...

I give this 3.5-4 stars

*copy provided from the publisher for an honest review*

Release Day 6/21/16
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(Masters of Adenaline #2)
Expected Release Date 10/18/16

The author of Stealing His Thunder, Sparrow Beckett puts the pedal to the metal in their second Masters of Adrenaline novel.
Never one to back down from a dare, Luke Larson crashes an upscale house party to steal a car. Narrowly avoiding capture by security, Luke speeds off—only to discover he’s accidentally kidnapped a hot billionaire passed out drunk in the back seat.
Having inherited a fortune upon her father’s death, Ophelia Covington’s life is spinning out of control. Of all the possible consequences of partying, she never thought kidnapping was likely. When she learns her tough and sexy abductor didn’t mean to take her at all, she’s strangely disappointed.
Ophelia’s irresistible curves and submissive nature fuels Luke’s hunger. But when old rivals target his crew, will Ophelia become collateral damage?

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