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10 December 2014

❤❤ Coming Down by Marie Coulson - 4 star review ❤❤

You can't run away forever; sometimes, you have to start over... With college coming to an end, a promising career in sight, and a sexy, talented rocker to spend eternity with, Layla's life is finally coming together. She's living the American dream. But dreams can soon become nightmares when the man you love becomes one of the world's most lusted after celebrities. Battling to find a balance between her hectic profession and the trying demands of the rock and roll lifestyle, Layla soon discovers that the glare of the spotlight is blinding. Adding fuel to a fiery situation, old friends turn over new leaves, thereby leaving Layla with a troubling dilemma. Will her past ruin her present? Is she strong enough to handle coming down? Intense passion, deep emotion, sex, drugs...and rock and roll.

Wow so much to say about this book. Marie took me all over the place with our tumultuous little love triangle, didn't she. So much happened. And she pulled so many emotions out of us as readers, and the characters. 

My reactions are all over the place. I'm mad. I'm happy. I'm shocked. I'm elated. I'm scared. I'm wowed. I'm nervous. I'm all over. 

Jared shocked me, his growth, his change. I'm wowed by it at the same time. Layla's strength and change makes me happy. OLLIE. Oh dear OLLIE. He has me nervous and mad, so so so mad, and happy and shocked and scared and ... Just stunned. Shaye has me pissed, and I wanted to hate her for how she acted. But as the story continued, I couldn't. With OLLIE, I want to be mad and stay mad and just hate him. But I can't. Because he's Ollie. His love for Layla, granted his love and obsession became for something else and he broke my heart, I still find I can't hate him for his choices or actions. I can't remain mad or sad. I'm kinda proud he got over it. Kinda proud he got better, maybe not because he wanted to but he did. And layla. Wow. Talk about growing up. I feel like in the first two books she was so immature and granted she was young, in this book she grew up and was the mature one. I wish her relationship with Ollie had a stronger foundation but, her choices made that. And I feel like she recognized she couldn't change it. It may have hurt them, but it kind of also made her stronger. Maybe made him weaker in a way, but her stronger. I feel like in no way are these the characters we met in book one, they've all grown so much since the beginning. 

Marie delivers the smooth flow of her normal books. The emotional read that sucks you in. A 4 star read 

I gave this book 4 stars

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