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11 December 2014

❤❤ Inevitable Detour by SR Grey - 3.5 star review ❤❤

The day my life took an inevitable detour things got a little crazy.

My name is Essalin Brant, but everyone calls me Essa. I attend a small college in a tiny town, and in my twenty-two years of life I’ve never even traveled outside the state of Pennsylvania. You could say my life is pretty boring. I live by the rules. I’m a good girl and nothing exciting ever happens.

But that’s all about to change.

Enter Farren Shaw. Not only is he older and intimidating, but he’s more sure of himself than any 29-year-old man has a right to be. Did I mention that he’s drop-dead gorgeous? Well, he is. He also happens to be my best friend Haven’s brother. And I would be content with just fantasizing about Farren from afar, but when Haven suddenly goes missing, her gorgeous brother is the only one who believes me when I say she was abducted, even though all signs seem to suggest Haven left town willingly.

I know better, though. As does Farren. So when he asks me to accompany him to search for his sister, I accept.

That’s when the real adventure begins.

Our quest to find Haven takes us across the country. And throughout the time we spend together, I find myself falling for Farren . . . falling hard. He's everything I’ve ever wanted. But is he really someone I should fear?

Because aside from making me feel things I’ve never felt before, Farren is hiding something. Something big. What could this stunning man be keeping from me? And why? Is Haven’s disappearance somehow connected to his mysterious job?

All I know is that things are about to get real.

Welcome to the Inevitable Detour that has become my life.

New Adult/Romantic Suspense
Book one of the Inevitability duology
**mature themes, strong sexual content, and some dark themes and situations** 

I'm kinda surprised by this book. One it has a massive cliffhanger and I hate those, but for some reason I'm not so upset about it. It's almost like there was so much suspense and drama in this book, I almost expected it. 

There were a few little things I got irritated with while reading. I think essa repeated how hot Farren was way too often. It seemed like every time I turned a page or two she was reiterating how hot he was. I felt like maybe that was a little overused. Other than that I have no real issues with the storyline, plot or characters. We get to see essa grow up in a sense in this book. She starts as mousy and naive but grows into someone who isn't afraid to ask questions and does what she wants. So her development through the story is nice. I would love to see her naturalness with a firearm to be used in the second book somehow. I would love for her to be the one kicking ass, even just once. It would be a true topper for her character; she would totally go from one end of the spectrum to the next. I also love that we got to see Farren open up a little. He's not just the secluded brooding type anymore; he lets her in little by little. And I love we get to see his bad side. But I do want to know the bad things he's done, why he thinks he's a bad guy. I want more info on Farren, much like Essa. 

I think SR Grey did a good job with this book and story line. It's a heavy one. SR did good by not delving too deep into what Haven experienced, that would've made this much much darker. And while we get to hear it, we don't experience it. I think that would've taken away from and outweighed the camaraderie and funny and good times between Essa and Farren. And don't worry, there's plenty of sexy time and even a curve ball or two thrown our way. 

I give this book 3.5 stars 

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