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31 December 2014

❤❤ Nomad Kind of Love by Nicole Snow - 4 star review ❤❤

Nomad Kind of Love by Nicole Snow

June Daniels watched helplessly as the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club destroyed everything she ever cared about. The ruthless gang controls her shattered life, condemning her to darkness without end...until she meets him.

Aaron “Maverick” Sturm doesn't know what it means to settle down. The President of the Prairie Devils Nomads charter is way too hardened, untamable, and dominant for any old lady.

But when he's sent West to establish a new charter, the beautiful woman he takes as collateral from the Grizzlies upends everything. Instincts Aaron never knew existed start to rage, primal desires to love and protect her in his bed, on his bike, and in his heart.

This bad boy loves a challenge. Claiming broken, mysterious June is his fiercest ever.

She can't forsake her need for vengeance on the Grizzlies. He can't let go, even when giving her what she needs most brings savage politics and blood war between MCs.

Will June find love and justice with her outlaw savior – or will her bitter determination ruin the man she loves and his club?

Note: this is a dark and gritty MC romance with language, violence, and love scenes as hard and raw as they come. Outlaw love takes no prisoners!

the first few chapters of this book had me absolutely enthralled, but left me completely devastated for what June loved through. holy crap. It was totally heart breaking. But then enters Maverick. a savior. not only does he pick up the pieces of this broken girl, he helps put her back together. he helps bring life back to someone who was just existing. I loved the commitment he showed to her, the strength and safety he provided her, I also loved the vengeance he gave her. he gave her his word and stuck to that. I also loved that she took the chance given to get revenge for what the Grizzlies did to her. 

the only thing I didn't like is that her relationship seemed to move very fast with Maverick. one minute she doesn't want anything to do with him, is sneaking in and out, but then the next thing you notice is she is blossoming like a flower. I would've like a little more development in the early stages of their relationship. however, once it was on, it was good as hell. 

I'm glad we got to see a little more of Throttle and Rach. I was really surprised with that little twist with Blaze and Tank at the end. all in all, this was a dirty talking, action packed, steamy MC read. I think our players have massive balls and am glad our Old Lady developed them too

I gave this 4 stars

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