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01 December 2014

❤❤ Perfect Chaos by Nashoda Rose - 4 star review ❤❤


I lie to survive. 

Have since I was sixteen and my world fell into chaos. But I found a way to endure, or rather it found me. Now I’m a prisoner of my own doing, hiding behind a false mask so no one sees the truth. Not even the man I want but can’t have—Deck. But I messed up and the lies are spilling over, out of control. 

Deck is unrelenting and will settle for nothing less than the truth. He demands everything from me—EVERYTHING—even if it rips me apart.


I kill for a living.

Unyielding—It’s how I survive in my line of work. I bend people to my will…except Georgie.
But that ends now.
I've played her game for far too long. Now I think it's time we play mine.

*arc provided by NETGALLEY for an honest review *

Nashoda has delivered again. I've read her Torn Asunder books, which you may want to read before this one so you get the background of Georgie and Deck. So you get the angst, the buildup, the sexual frustration. Because there is enough to fill a stadium between these two and probably then some.

I expected Deck to be intense, but I don't think I expected him to be that intense. These two have had such build up for so long I didn't know what to expect. But Georgie's truth - that I totally didn't expect. Never would I have thought she was doing what she was doing. Never would I have thought deck couldn't fix something. He fixed everything. And I kind of feel bad for him. I feel like he's now surrounded with things he's can't fix and it's all been thrown at him at once. I want to blame Kai, but I know we can't. I blame Tanner and the bad guys. But I still can't believe how deep the deception was. Can't believe how far back it sent. How far these people went to get to her, to get to Connor. Mind. Blown. People. Mind blown.

Nashoda always finds a way to deliver such alpha males and deck sure does take the cake on that. It was a no going back type of situation, yet he's so confident and secure in their relationship ... And so damn kinky. I loved it.

I didn't like this as much as the Tear asunder books, and I love that we get to see all those character again, but i still thought this was a great read

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