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27 February 2017


The Fine Line Between Loved and Hate

A Mistik Ridge 4-Part Serial Novel
Ashley Erin

Part One

Note to self: Do not allow my mother to choose a tenant for my house ever again.

I like things done a certain way.Some call me uptight, I prefer precise.
I can’t understand why my mother thought Evie Jackson would be the type of person I want to rent my house. She knows me, knows how I live my life.
Instead of the quiet librarian I’m expecting, Evie’s a vibrant, tattooed woman who seems to find immense joy in making my life miserable.
She pushes me outside of my comfort zone. It’s called a comfort zone for a reason, and I have no interest in venturing from it.
I hate her, and I’m positive that feeling is mutual. Why else would Evie go out of her way to make my life difficult?

Part Two

He’s my complete opposite.

He plans. I go with the flow.
He hates change. I seek it.
I push, we fight.
So why do I like it so much?
Why can’t I stop thinking about him?
The attraction is fierce and the scales are tipping.
We are wavering on the fine line between love and hate.
I love not knowing on which side we will fall.

Part Three

My heart belongs to him. I’ve never said the words “I love you” before, but they ache in my throat, begging to be released. The timing is fast, yet I’ve never felt so sure about anything in my life.My gut has never led me astray before . . .

Part Four

I made the logical choice. It was the only one that made sense.Then why is there this feeling of emptiness in my life? Now I need to fix something that I've destroyed. It’s going to be a massive undertaking and I’m going to need some allies, but it’s time to show Evie I made the wrong choice.

***Whole series provided in exchange for an honest review***

At first, I wasn't so sure about the whole idea of a serial novel. I am not one for waiting around on the next installment of my story; I like it all in one go. But never fear, all the parts are out on this one so you can read it all together and not have to wait. Which is good since you will want to keep reading once you start.

The first installment is a little wobbly. Some concepts get repeated over and over which left me rolling my eyes (also happens in the final installment too), but it wasn't long before the story found it's footing and Evie and Charlie are off to make each other's lives more interesting.

And Evie does a damn good job of pressing Charlie's buttons. With gnomes. Dirty gnomes. 

The gnomes matter so much that the rest of the story should just be called War of the Gnomes.

But it's cute and funny. I personally find gnomes agents of the devil (bad trip to Rock City, TN and their cave of gnomes) but I can get behind the dirty gnomes in the story.

Installments two and three tell the meat of the story while the last one is short and wraps everything up nicely.

There isn't much sex in the story and the scenes aren't very long, but I find myself not really caring. The story isn't ment to be overly sexy, but a romantic comedy, which it does well.

I don't think I would have had the patience to sit and wait peacefully for each part of the story, especially where the third piece left off, but since all of them are out now, I can whole-heartily recommend the series. If you are looking for something light and fun, this is a good story to read.

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