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15 February 2017

❤❤ WICKED WEDDING SERIES by Brooke Page Series REVIEW ❤❤

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wicked Wedding is the page turning, sexy as hell new release from bestselling author Brooke Page! 

As if being dumped on my wedding day wasn't bad enough, my self-absorbed parents refused to cancel the reception, and demand I still attend with a smile on my face. Now I'm not only mortified from Malcolm's cold feet, I'm stuck in front of my peers, putting on a smile as if I'm as strong as my parents desire for me to be. 

Little did I know, the bartender my parents hired would be a steamy blast from the past, and Malcolm's most despised college acquaintance. Pouring drinks never looked so sexy on Josh Titlist, especially when having a quick fling with him could help cure the sting of being ditched. 

That is if the chemistry we shared in the past won't create another explosion..

holy hot pants Brooke Page has definitely stepped up the hot game with this book! hot hot hot .... where is a brick wall and a hot bartender when you need one? whew *fanning self*

you'll be immediately sucked into this book. it's a ride of romance, giving in to dark desires, and page scorching sex! not only is the book full of super hot sex, but you're also on an emotional roller coaster ride with Chloe, the jilted bride and Josh, the long lost crush. these two have known each other for years and Chloe ignored the attraction due to familial obligations, but nothing's holding her back now. in fact Josh is lifting her up and showing her what and who she's truly meant to be when there's not someone there telling her what to do or holding her back.

I really really connected to Chloe and the story line, though the dirty hot sex could be why. Brooke Page stepped up her game and really brought it with this book .

*arc provided for an honest review*


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